Let’s Talk Hair Porosity

Now I know some of you have read my last blog post and said "it cant be that easy", "it has to be more to it!" or "I don't even know what high porosity hair is." It's okay sis, that's what I'm here for! The journey to understanding and loving your natural hair takes time. I'm here to go step by step with you. Knowing the porosity of your hair is one of the key ingredients in understanding your natural hair. 

First let's talk about what hair porosity even is. Hair Porosity is a measurement of the hair's ability to absorb and hold moisture. It is an indicator of how easily moisture can penetrate the hair. You ever wonder why you have to use sooo much water to get your wet or why it dries up sooo fast?  It's because of your hair porosity!

Here are the signs you have High Porosity

  • Your hair absorbs moisture easily
  • It dries quickly after a wash
  • It feels rough and lacks shine
  • It breaks easily
  • It feels dry even after moisturizing

Here are signs you have Medium Porosity

  • Your hair doesn't take very long to dry
  • Absorbs moisture moderately/ normal
  • Easy to style with heat/products 
  • Holds style for a good length of time
  • Ideal porosity

Here are signs of Low Porosity

  • Your hair takes some time to get wet.
  • It cannot retain moisture beyond a day.
  • It is extremely rough and dry.
  • It tangles easily and is prone to matting.
  • It is difficult to be colored.

A quick trick to tell the porosity of your hair is after you wash your hair, take some strands of hair from your brush or comb (make sure the hair is clean to get accurate results) and drop them into a glass of water. Let them sit for a few minutes, and if the strands float, you likely have low porosity hair. If it sinks, you have high porosity hair. 

Now that you know your hair porosity the next step is ... PRODUCTS!


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