How To Detangle Your Hair The RIGHT Way

We all know the worst part of wash day is DETANGLING! One of the first questions I always ask my customers is "what shampoo and conditioner do you use?" and you'll be surprised how many say "Oh I don't know I barely wash it" or "Whatever the hairstylist uses." Whether you have 3A, 3C or 4C hair, washing your hair can be the longest and most difficult part of your natural hair journey. 

Detangling your hair wrong can be detrimental!  You don't want to just keep pulling at your hair and causing it to break. Here are the steps to properly detangle your hair. First split your hair into four sections. This will make the whole process A LOT easier and this way you can make sure you get every strand. Apply a deep conditioner! My favorite choices are Mielle Babassu & Mint Deep Conditioner and Nature's Coconut Milk Strengthening Deep Conditioner. Split one of your sections in half. You want to get all of the knots out and get your product all throughout your hair. Gently finger detangle your largest knots. This will stop your hair from breaking off as much on your brush and save you from A LOT of pain. Start brushing from the bottom of your hair! You never want to start from the top. You always start from the bottom and move upStarting from the top will cause more tangles and more breakage. 

Turn your brush vertically to detangle. Vertically will help you separate all the hair and tangles. While styling, turn it horizontally to clump your curls. Once you've finished detangling your hair completely, you can wash your conditioner out and complete your styling process!

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